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Hey, hey beautiful people! Summer is going to be coming up very soon, and we want to help you add in those pristine fashion trends of 2019 into your wardrobe. Just because it is too hot to function in the summer doesn’t mean that there are no clothes out there to be comfortable in. Our off shoulder top with contrasting trim is about to kill the fashion game for 2019. It is comfortable to wear for all day use, has lightweight spandex fabric, and is trendy and perfect for the season. Thinking about going on a mini vacation? Our off shoulder top needs to be in your suitcase…it’s just that good.

MS1377: Off Shoulder Top With Contrasting Trim  P842: Stretch leggings   by Last Tango


Cold Shoulder Shirt: Ruffle Your Way Into The Sunset

Imagine yourself sitting on a beach at a cute restaurant above the shore, drinking a mai tai, and wearing our off shoulder top. Are you thinking about it? Women’s open shoulder tops really make a huge statement piece wherever you go. Since our off shoulder top already has the ruffle and contrast color detail, you do not need to add anything more. Simplicity is everything. If you absolutely feel the need to add in a little something extra, try pairing our off shoulder top with a simple silver necklace. Works like a charm.

MS1377: Off Shoulder Top With Contrasting Trim  by Last Tango


Cold Shoulder Short Sleeve Tops: Be Bold and Trendy for 2019

Women’s tops are so fun to play around with! Still feeling a little bit shy, and don’t want to show your shoulders that much? Do not even worry about a thing! Our off shoulder top can be worn on or off the shoulder. Even try wearing one side higher than the other. Be D I F F E R E N T. Whichever way you wear it, you will still look flirty and fun! Our off shoulder top can be worn with navy leggings, denim, or shorts! Pair it with your favorite sandals for a day look. Or head out to the bar with your significant other? No biggie, slip on some heels and head to the town for a nightcap. Thank you for stopping by and reading about our favorite women’s off shoulder top! Remember to always be confident and bold. Always own your look, whether it be on or off the shoulder, You got this babe! Don’t forget to tag us on our Instagram and Facebook page! We would love to see how trendy you look in our clothes!

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MS1377: Off Shoulder Top With Contrasting Trim P842: Stretch leggings