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Just looking at this picture makes me so happy! I hope all you ladies are having an amazing day, and hopefully, this picture makes you happy too! You seriously cannot have a bad day in polka dots, and this picture proves it! I am such a fan of polka dots, in any style. I mean is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t adore polka dots? Our polka dot printed chiffon batwing top is already the perfect statement piece. We love that our chiffon top comes lined! You do not have to worry about wearing a tank or anything under. It is fully covered! This is also a customer favorite because it comes in so many colors and prints! Our chiffon batwing top is made for every mood and style out there so you will have many options to choose from.


ms1223-p1363- last tango clothing


Polka Dot Chiffon Shirt: Polka Dots Are A Woman’s Best Friend. 

First of all, remember what I told you last time? Always say yes to chiffon! Our batwing top is the perfect example of an all-day put together look. Working at the office all day, but want to head out for a drink after? Our chiffon batwing top is so easy to transition from day to night. This look is the epitome of women’s fashion trends. Our chiffon batwing top is comfortable, stylish, and adds in just the right amount of feminine touches. Also, polka dots are just one of those trends that continue to come back year after year. It also is a plus because it makes the perfect spring fashion ensemble. 


Ms1223 P1363 Last Tango


Women’s Casual Day Shirt: There Is Never A Wrong Time For A Polka Dot. 

Here at LT, we love a cute women’s top that is trendy yet age appropriate. A lot of women love to wear fashion forward pieces but can never find a store that carries the right age group. We have a variety of pieces that are trendy, stylish, and still conservative to make all ages welcome. The style and fit of our chiffon batwing top is great because it is flowy and has that extra arm coverage while still showing off some skin! It is age appropriate while still making you the talk of the town!

Our chiffon batwing top looks best styled with our navy trousers. (Seen above) These crop pants are the perfect “Barbie inspired trousers.” They even have pockets and button detail on the waist!  Add in some silver hoop earrings, and some heels and you are ready to be a fashion icon! Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you love the polka dot shirt as much as we do! Check out our Instagram + FB page to stay updated with us!


Talk to you later!

xx Ashley Her

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