Raglan sleeve Shirt

Hi Friends! Finding the right women’s fashion tops are sometimes hard to find. One thing I know for sure is that every woman wants something that is comfortable, trendy, and chic. Our raglan sleeve top meets all of those requirements! Our raglan sleeve top is stunning on and off the camera. Our raglan sleeve top is something very unique and beautiful, and it is all about the detail for this top. You can wear our women’s blouse for work, date night, or for a family gathering. It truly is a one of a kind piece.


Last Tango dress MS1323


Latest Fashion Clothes ¾ Sleeve Shirt and Pants: Oh My God Becky, Look At That Drape!

We have been obsessing over this top since the moment we first laid eyes on it! Yes, it was totally loved at first sight for all of us working here…including the men..shh don’t say anything! Something that we love about our raglan sleeve top is that it is super versatile. One side has ¾ sleeves giving you that extra arm coverage, while the other side is flashy, bold, and fun! The draped sleeve really makes this top stand out from the rest. The drape sits beautifully right next to your thigh, or you can add in some sass by tying it to the side. Our raglan sleeve top is definitely going to be a major fashion trend for 2019.


MS1323P Last Tango Dress



Women In White ¾ Sleeve Shirt: It Is All About The Florals.

Okay since the secret is out, and you officially know the latest fashion trend for 2019, let’s talk about style. The style is something that truly has to come from your heart. The style isn’t about wearing all trends on at once. It is about finding a piece that can work for so many occasions and mixing it up with many different options. Our raglan sleeve top is a piece that you can work with into your wardrobe and will match with everything. Seriously it is that simple. People always are afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Just because our raglan sleeve top has a floral design to it, doesn’t mean you should be afraid to wear it. Trust me, ladies, it goes with anything!
Our raglan sleeve top looks best with navy trousers or denim. If you are like me and like to be a little spunky I suggest wearing this top with some berry colored pants! Be the talk of the town! Who cares, as long as it makes you happy the rest is simple. You can also wear our raglan top with an off white mini skirt to make it look like a dress! Add in some heels, and a clutch and you are ready to go!

Thank you for reading this. We hope you all enjoyed it and learned some cool styling tips!

Talk to you later!

xx Ashley Her

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